Particle Size

Recommended for dust particles from P240 and smaller.


  • 500 x 750mm
  • 100% Cotton 13 yarn gauze with a unique tacky formulation
  • Ideal for an economical dust removal
  • 13 yarns/inches for a better wiping efficiency
  • Remove over twice as much dust as with a traditional Tack Rag!
  • High tackiness to match your capture and no transfer expectations
  • Different folding available to improve your wiping efficiency

Technical Data

Test High Tackiness Unit Method
Basic weight 35.74 g/m²(+/-5%) DIN EN ISO 9073-1
Textile composition 100 cotton %
Tear strenght (MD) >30 N/m EN 13934-1
Tear Strenght (CD) >20 N/m EN 13934-1
Elongation at break (MD) <10 % EN 13934-1
Elongation at break (CD) <15 % EN 13934-1

Tackiness Level

Low Tack

Light Tack

Medium Tack

High Tack

Packaging Options

Individually packed

Bag with various quantities

Dispenser box